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3 Telling Signs That Your Environment Is Making You Gain Weight

First of all, I don’t mean by environment here things like a country or a culture (although it IS true that some cultures can lead you easily to weight gain), what I mean here is simply your surroundings, in other words, the place you are staying at. I can attest to this fact since I ALWAYS gain weight when I stay at mom’s in the holidays. So, how can you tell that wherever you’re staying at is making you fat?

1- The TV is right there before the dinner table, or has and sort of table close by. It is easy to eat constantly without even knowing whatever it is you are eating or how many calories it has if you are immersed in the shows on TV.

Moreover, a close by coffee table means it is easy for you to make large bowls of snacks, popcorn…etc. and put them there so that they could be within your reach while watching TV.

2- Your kitchen cabinets contain three serious issues that lead to weight gain. Snacks, easy to prepare and heat prepackaged meals, and large plates. Each one of these is serious on its own, but have all three of them, and you are probably suffering from a lifelong struggle with obesity.

Each bag of potato chips you snack on has about 15% of the calories you need in one day. Prepackaged foods are full with salt, sugar and loads of additives that ruin metabolism. And with large plates, you are psyched into feeling like your portions aren’t enough, and slowly increasing them along the size of your stomach..

3- You have a microwave! Sounds silly? Well, with microwave comes mug cakes and all these full of starch and saturated fats snacks you can easily heat and prepare in your microwave.

Environment Is Making You Gain Weight

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