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3 steps to take the perfect selfie!

Takingselfies has become so widespread that it is now simply a part of daily life. Celebrities and all of us seem to have caught the virus of posting pictures of ourselves, on an almost regular basis.

But not all selfies are good. In fact, some are completely embarrassing! If you have become addicted to selfies, here are a few tips on how to take the ideal selfie and don’t end up with a picture that is being shared for the wrong purposes.

1. Check what is behind you.

We have seen the selfies which have given away the fact that the person is mindless and has never remembered to see what was in the background. The perfect background for your selfie is one which is nice to look at, yet not so crowded that it distracts them from your picture.

Before you take a selfie, think about what is behind you. It will make a better picture and it could prevent a great lot of embarrassment.

2. Take off the phone cover.

If your phone cover has a hole for your camera lens, you should, however, remove the cover before taking a picture. Even with this hole, the edges of the phone cover will be taken by your camera and it’ll make the picture somewhat weird looking and unclear.

3. Don’t do the duck face pose… Please!.

The lips pouting out, and the sucked in cheeks, look absolutely does not work and everyone’s just bored with it anyhow, so abandon the duckface and look like you are having a little fun. If you want to show off your face, do it with some makeup NOT with weird expressions.

steps to take the perfect selfie

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