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3 Simple Tweaks You Can Make to Your House to Lose Weight

Believe it or not, our surroundings are one of the main reasons why we gain or lose weight. I mean, haven’t you ever stayed at your relatives’ place for a while, and then weighed yourself when you got back to yours and found that you gained a few extra pounds? There are things we can change at our place to make losing weight easier.

1- Get rid of that TV in the dining room and the one in the kitchen as well. People who eat while watching TV don’t…eat. They don’t enjoy food or notice any changes in the taste or the texture and they make their stomachs larger in the process.

2- Get rid of any coffee tables or chairs close to the TV. I know that you are thinking that this is a bit extreme, but lets think about it this way: If there isn’t a coffee table close to the TV, you wont be able to lay a bowl of popcorn on it to snack on mindlessly while watching TV.

If there are no chairs close to your TV, you will sit on the floor, which will not be comfortable, so you will be shifting and changing your sitting posture from time to time, and by this you will burn much more calories than you do when watching TV while sitting on a couch.

3- Clean up your place and get rid of the clutter. I am not saying that you should consider cleaning a workout or anything of the sort. What I mean here is that clutter can stealthily but surely build up your stress levels, and eating when stressed is a trap many of us fall into.

Tweaks You Can Make to Your House to Lose Weight

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