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3 shocking facts will prevent you from sleeping with wet hair

If you are one of the persons who prefer to take a shower at the evening before going to bed, you may sometimes have to sleep while your hair is still wet because of many reasons. For example, you may do not have time to dry your hair or even you do not want to expose your hair to heat in order to make it dry.

But in all cases, you may want to think carefully about every time you go to sleep with wet hair for the following shocking reasons.

(1) Causing headache: Have you noticed that you usually have a headache in the morning when you wake up every time you sleep with your hair wet? The reason is that the moisture of your hair causes reduction of heat in your head remarkably, resulting in these pains, which is somewhat similar to the feeling that you get when you eat ice cream or drink something which is extremely cold quickly.

(2) Bacterial infection: When you sleep with wet hair, moisture creeps through the night from your hair to the pillow, creating a suitable atmosphere for germs and bacteria to breed and increase. Because you sleep on the same pillow every night, you are exposing yourself to serious diseases by capturing bacterial infection from the pillow.

(3) Damage of the hair: You may not know it, but sleeping with wet hair causes the emergence of more brittle ends on your hair. Also, it causes damage of the hair and loss of healthy appearance and gloss on the long term.

So, do not ignore this issue and try to bear with the trouble of drying your hair before going to sleep, or simply change the time of your shower to morning or daytime hours and leave it to dry naturally.

shocking facts will prevent you from sleeping with wet hair

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