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3 Reasons Why Your Weight Loss Diet Is Ruining Your Metabolism

What is the thing that makes all the difference when trying to lose weight? The answer naturally is metabolism. It is that phenomenon that makes some people thin although they eat like monsters, and makes other fat although they are barely nibbling on food. So why is your metabolism ruined?

1- Consuming little or not enough protein is one reason why your metabolism is ruined. Throughout the day everyday you go through a process of building and braking protein to make muscles. And the more muscles you have, the more calories you burn. In short, mess with this process by not having enough protein and your metabolism is ruined.

2- Eating less to lose more is the base of weight loss dieting, right? Well, sadly enough it ruins your metabolism, at least for a while. This is a survival technique our bodies perform when we starve ourselves for the sake of losing weight. To beat it, fill yourself with low calorie veggies and fruits to lessen the effect of hunger and keep metabolism stable.

3- Eating unbalanced breakfast. You probably have already heard that your metabolism is at highest in the morning, so as result you eat sugary high carb meals in the morning because you will burn them anyway.

Your insulin levels are high at the morning and they become even higher with such a breakfast which will make you hungry soon after. To boost your metabolism, load your breakfast with protein rich foods and if you need something sweet, you could have a cup of yogurt sweetened with honey and fruits.

Make sure your diet is always healthy and that you avoid starving yourself or doing anything extreme that can make you unhappy.

Weight Loss Diet Is Ruining Your Metabolism

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