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3 Reasons Why You Should Not Consume Genetically Modified Organisms Foods

What are genetically modified organisms (GMO) products? They are products that were modified to have more genes than the ones they already have. These genes are added to give the products certain qualities, like preventing diseases or improved taste. However, how wise is it to use such foods and products? Here are some reasons why you should not use GMO products.

1- GMO foods suppress the work and effects of antibiotics. Some GMO foods are produced with the added quality of being virus resistant. However, when these antibiotics and disease resisting products get to your system, they hinder the work of antibiotic medications. So if you are suffering from something and are using antibiotics to treat it, do not expect it to be treated quickly if you are consuming GMO foods.

2- In a research conducted by Brown University, GMO foods are found to cause or enhance allergic reactions in your body. Moreover, you might have allergic reactions to things you never had allergy to before. Because genes from allergy causing foods are added to things you are not allergic to, which means a significant increase of the number of foods you should avoid.

3- Some genetically modified foods are made from genetically modified crops. You would think the most common quality needed and added to such crops are fighting weeds and pests, right?

The problem is that genetically modifying crops with these qualities might lead to transferring them to the weed we want to get rid of, or even lead to getting rid to insects that benefit the soil like root maggots and earthworms making the process of planting any crops GMO or not difficult in the future.

Personally, I do not think that people cannot make anything better than the original state it was in. Therefore, always look for natural organic non-modified products.

Should Not Consume Genetically Modified Organisms Foods

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