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3 Popular Tools and Devices That Can Seriously Damage Your Skin

Many women go through the whole routine that gets you a smooth flawless skin and maybe even an extra mile, and still they get blemishes and skin flaws.

Naturally, the reasons are many, like the balance of hormones, the diet they are following, and maybe even the tools those women are using ARE the reasons their skin will always have flaws. We will tell you about these tools and devices and what you need to do to prevent skin flaws.

1- You touch your cell phone all the time. You eat, clean, or do something outside and you hold your phone during that then put it next to your skin. You forget that germs and bacteria surround you and you might wash your hands but you don’t clean your phone, or you do not know how to do it. Wet some tissues with a hand sanitizer or use antibacterial wipes and use them to clean your phone gently, and it is better to use the ear piece if you do not want to repeat the routine often.

2- The sponge you use to spread foundation on your face can create several health risks for your skin too, even if you wash it regularly. Bacteria and germs gather in your foundation sponge and you cannot do much to disinfect it. So get rid of the sponge and apply the foundation with your finger tips AFTER you make sure they are clean.

3- Maybe you already know that hair dryers cause a lot of damage to your hair, but they do a lot of damage to your skin too. Air blown at the sides of your face can make your skin dry up quickly and rob it of its natural oils and moisture. Of course, the damage is doubled if you use heat for drying up your hair and you can accelerate the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Think carefully before using different devices and tools, and do not just use them because everyone else does.

Popular Tools and Devices That Can Seriously Damage Your Skin

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