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3 Natural Treatments for Removing Upper Lip Hair

Upper lip hair is one of the things women hate most in their faces. It is even something they could be teased about often, and it is also not cheap to treat if you are using laser and the burning-light gizmos that are mainly sold for this purpose now.

However there are natural treatments that will help you in removing upper lip hair permanently, such as:

1- Get a teaspoon of gramflour, yogurt, and turmeric and mix them well. Spread this mixture on your upper lip hair and wait until it dries. After that rub it well with your fingers and wash it off. Repeat this process every 2 to 3 days for permanent results.

2- Mix some corn flour with one egg white until the mixture becomes sticky. Apply it to your upper lip area then wait until it dries out. Scrub the mixture then with your fingers and wash it off. For good results, repeat the process twice a week.

3- Rub your upper lip area with some olive oil then with some salt when it is still wet with the oil. Olive oil is especially good for your skin and will prevent hair growth on its own, but the salt will improve the results.

4- Get some lupine and soak it in water until it becomes tender then make this facial hair suppressant scrub: In your food processor put a cub of the tender lupine with about three tablespoons of sea salt and grind them until they make some sort of a thick paste (add more salt if needed). Take a small quantity of this mixture and keep the rest in your freezer for later use. Then rub it on your upper lip area and leave it there for 10 minutes. It is especially effective if applied directly after waxing that area.

Natural Treatments for Removing Upper Lip Hair

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