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3 Natural foods that can relieve anxiety

when Some people feel stressed, they stay indoors wrapping up in a blanket and start pinging on junk food.

However junk foods can help to comfort you for sometime, but they are not healthy and they will not help you in the long- term. Instead, you should have some healthy foods and here are some examples of healthy foods that can help with anxiety and stress.

It is know to be a comforting food that can help you to feel better when you are feeling down. Dark chocolate especially is an effective stress- reliever. It decreases stress hormone production. It decreases the substance your brain produces which is called cortisol. In addition, there are other ingredients in chocolate that help with brightening the mood.

As salmon is very rich in omega- 3 fatty acids, it will help to give your mood the pick-up it needs. For some people, when they feel down, they take omega- 3’sas supplement to lift their mood.

As anxiety is connected with low levels of folic acid, asparagus with its rich content of folic acid will be of great help for relieving anxiety. Only a single cup of asparagus contains two thirds of your daily recommended amount. You can just boil asparagus in a pan and then you may add it to any kind of meat dish.

Blueberries are the healthiest greatest snacks you could ever have. They are very healthy and they help to relieve anxiety and stress. Blueberries contain a huge amount of vitamins and phytonutrient as well as antioxidants. Therefore, blueberries can help you to get rid of your anxiety.

3 Natural foods that can relieve anxiety

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