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3 Mistakes you do lead to your digestive system disorders

Digestive disorders are very common problems these days and they differ in range from gastrointestinal pain, poor digestion, colon disorders, diarrhea, constipation and others.

If your food is healthy and you are not doing harm to your gut in any way, but you are suffering from one of these problems and wondering why, you will find in this article unexpected reasons which are the mistakes you do without being aware of aware their responsibility for causing these disorders.

*Eating protein and carbohydrates together:
The mixing of protein-rich foods, such as chicken, meat, eggs and fish, with starch like potatoes, rice and pasta is one of the reasons for poor digestion in addition to gastric reflux. The reason is the inability of the intestine to digest these foods in the same way, therefore your stomach fail to digest causing bloating and some of the other problems that we have mentioned.

*Drinking cold water with food:
One of the most mistakes that most of us are not aware of is drinking cold water with food. It leads to constriction of blood vessels and thus prevention of digesting foods. Also, cold water contributes to freezing food more in the intestines and preventing their disintegration to be digested.

*Drinking large amounts of water with a meal:
It’s true that water is very important and essential for the health, but drinking large amounts of it while eating leads to poor digestion.

Also, water slows down the hydrochloric acid in the intestines which is responsible for the digestion process. Therefore, diluting this acid will inevitably leads to digestion disorders. So, it is advisable to drink water about an hour at least before meals and after meals.

Mistakes you do lead to your digestive system disorders

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