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3 Ingredients You Could Use to Lighten Dark Eye Circles

Did you know that dark eye circles are one of the most difficult skin problems women face? What is more frustrating is that dark eye circles become worse with using makeup and concealers to cover them up.

However, they can be treated like other skin problems with constant care and by using some ingredients in your eye circles’ masks. Here are some of my favorite ingredients for lightening eye circles:

1- Cucumbers are a well known treatment for dark eye circles. But instead of slicing a cucumber and using the slice for your eyes, cut the peel in a crescent shape you could stick to the eye circle (nutrients are concentrated just beneath the peel). Moreover, it is more effective to mash the cucumber and use it with its juice instead of not-so-practical cucumber slices.

2- Milk is one of the most powerful and effective treatments for dark eye circles besides many other skin problems. However, because it is either a liquid or a powder, it can be tricky to use as a dark circle treatment. You can make a paste of both powdered milk and milk before applying it on your eye circles. You can even blend milk with powdered milk, freeze it and use the icy milk as a treatment.

3- Potatoes are not to be forgotten when talking about whitening skin and dark circles’ treatment. Boil a potato well, mash it with some of the boiling water and apply it to your eye circles. You do not have time for this routine? Instant cooked mashed potatoes are a disaster for your hips but a blessing for your eye circles. Mix a little with some water and apply the paste to your eye circles.

You can try one or more of these treatments to lighten dark eye circles. You could also try mixing some of them together for great results.

Lighten Dark Eye Circles

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