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3 Important Tips to Follow when You Are Bald

Whether you have a natural bald head, or shaved your head for fashion, religious or health reasons, you must know the proper way to care for your head skin. Care for your bald head not just to keep it looking good, but to make sure it stays healthy; after all, it protects your head. Here are the 3 most important tips you should follow:

1. Cover with Sunscreen

Hair is there to protect your head, which is the most prone area to the sun, from the dangers of UV rays. Hence, if you don’t walk around under the sun with a hat on your head, you should wear sunscreen to protect your scalp from sunburns and decrease the possibility of skin cancer.

2. Wash Your Head with Shampoo

Being bald does not mean you should forget about using shampoo. There are some small hairs that remain on the top of your head which gather oil and dirt around them.

You will surely need less amount of shampoo compared to people with long hair so you won’t spend a fortune on hair products. There are special products for bald heads which reduce the shine that you can look for online or in a pharmacy in case you are interested.

3. Apply Moisturizer

You should moisturize your head skin with lotion or gel right after shaving to prevent the development of razor bumps. Moreover, keep your bald head hydrated in the winter by moisturizing it while moisturizing the rest of your skin.

In case you have an experience with being bald and beautiful, and have extra tips for your fellow bald heads, share them with us by commenting on this article. Don’t forget to share this information with your bald friends so no one misses out on the benefits.

Tips to Follow when You Are Bald

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