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3 Great Life Hacks That Will Save Your Time and Money

Every housewife knows that one of the calibers for testing her smarts and experience as a house wife is how much money and time saving life hacks she knows.

Life hacks are these little tricks you apply here and there to save your time and money. Even if you do not need to apply them, you will do, because they are fun and echo-friendly.

1- Make your kitchen more lively with just a sprouting potato and the water from boiling eggs. Maybe you want to freshen up your kitchen with some green but you think that indoor plants’ are a bit pricy. So fell a pot with some dirt and put in a sprouting potato and from time to time water it with water left from boiling eggs. The “potato plant” with grow quickly looking gorgeous.

2- Do you know how much money you waste by using fabric softeners? Not to mention the effect of the harsh chemicals used to make them on your skin. Here is an idea for a natural fabric softener that will even shorten drying time: Put few yarn balls inside an old stocking and tie it from each end. Put it in the dryer before running it and your clothes will dry out quicker and will be much softer.

3- Many cleaners are the reason why there is an ozone hole now. So why don’t you aid the environment a little and spend less money on household cleaners by making a natural one yourself? Put few lemon peels in a heat resistant glass jar with equal quantities of water and vinegar then cover it and let it sit for a week. Then strain it into your spray bottle. And use it for cleaning.

Share with us what other life hacks you might know that could save money and time.

Life Hacks That Will Save Your Time and Money

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