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3 Foods That Are Only Seemingly Healthy

As the title implies, a seemingly healthy food is commonly thought to be healthy when it is truly not so. Some times you buy certain types just because they are said to be fat free or sugar free, but are they really healthy? In this article, we will introduce you to some of the foods that are generally considered healthy, when in truth they are not.

1- Frozen yogurt is usually considered to be healthy, and in truth, frozen youghrt is truly healthy if it is just yogurt that is frozen. The problem is just because it is said to be healthy, people buy it from stores that serve it with loads of refined sugar and additives and with a lot of toppings that are far from healthy like candy and cookies. If you like frozen yogurt make it at home and sweeten it with fruits and honey.

2- Low fat and fat free salad dressing are not healthy. You might think that you are getting the ultimately healthy meal by having a salad with little or no fat, but the truth is not so.

In order to use and benefit from the nutrients, fibers and vitamins in your salad, you need some fat to transfer them to your body. Without such fat, they are useless. So you can use some fat with your salad but make sure it is not too much, and make sure it is a healthy type of fat like olive or sesame seed oil.

3- Restaurant salads and restaurant baked potatoes are not healthy. Baked potatoes on its own or when you make it at home are healthy and they contain about 150 calories per portion. However, in restaurants, they are served with a lot of cream, butter, cheese and lots of other fat loaded ingredients that add about 500 calories to an originally healthy and low fat food.

Restaurant salads are the same. They are loaded with mayo and unhealthy dressings to hide the taste of not-so-fresh ingredients.

Foods That Are Only Seemingly Healthy

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