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3 Foods You Eat Because They Are Healthy When They Are Not

Did you notice that most of the food you consume is that which is SAID TO BE healthy? I mean you try to follow common health advices so you eat things like low-fat, low-carb, or low-sugar foods, but are they really as healthy as said to be? Personally, I would stay clear of the following types of food because they are not healthy even if they seem so:

1- Sadly, there are no strict regulations for the food you get from stores. Therefore, it is common to see something like low fat and fat free salad dressing and such things. These condiments are loaded with chemicals and manufactured additives to improve their taste and as a result, they ruin your digestive system. Moreover, nutrients enter our bodies using fat for transportation, so without fat, they are useless. Add some low calorie fat to your salads like olive or canola oil.

2- Moms now offer their kids frozen yogurt instead of ice cream because it is so healthy, and it really is if it is some natural yogurt sweetened with honey or fruit. However, the frozen yogurt you buy from stores is served with a lot of refined sugar and many unhealthy toppings like candy, whipped cream and cookies. If you like frozen yogurt, make it yourself at home.

3- Sometimes you get invited to a meal at some restaurant when you are dieting, so you think: “I can manage to not ruin my diet by having a salad or a baked potato”. Restaurant salads and baked potatoes are not that healthy. Baked potatoes might be healthy on their own, but in restaurants, they are served with cream, butter, cheese that can add about 500 calories to an originally low fat meal.

Restaurant salads are the same. They are usually not fresh and are sometimes made with pickled vegetables, so the nutrients are depleted. And to cover up the not-fresh taste, they are served with mayo and unhealthy dressings.

So what other types of food you know about, that are not as healthy as they seem?

 Foods You Eat Because They Are Healthy When They Are Not

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