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The 3 Most Effective Unrenowned Weight Loss Diets and Why They Are So Effective

“Slimmer bodies” is one thing most people are trying to achieve nowadays. So an effective – flexible – not so strict diet has become a goal almost everyone is looking for. So, what ARE the weight loss diets that proved to be successful and easy to apply?

1- Remember the Atkins diet? It is a diet where you eat a lot of things providing you avoid carbs completely. It proved to be an effective diet, but only for a while. Echo-Atkins however is much more flexible. It does not deprive you of the carbs you need while you are gorging on high fat meals.

In this diet, you get a third of your daily calorie intake from plant proteins and more than another third from plant fats, leaving you a little less than a third which is full with good carbs. This is a flexible diet that lets you eat the good type of carbs so it is understandable why it is effective.

2- Another unrenowned effective diet is the flexiterian diet. As the name entails, it is a vegetarian diet that is not too strict. It lets you have about 1400 calories throughout the day. The food is divided into 5 groups: “protein, whole grains, fruits and vegetables, dairy, and sugar and spice. This is another flexible easy to follow diet.

3- Rather than a diet, this one is a weight loss life style. It is called the volumetrics diet. It is based on the theory that people consume the same quantity of food everyday regardless of the quality. Therefore if the quantity had, lower-calorie more-filling options you will have fewer calories and will thus lose weight. This turned out to be true for many people.

There are many weight loss diets both popular and unknown. Make sure that the diet you follow is not too strict and that it provides you with all the nutrients you need.

Unrenowned Weight Loss Diets and Why They Are So Effective

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