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3 Common Habits Done Absentmindedly That May Send the Wrong Massage about You

We all have our little habits which we do absentmindedly. Some of us twirl their hair around their fingers, others lick or bite their lips often, or even bite their nails or scratch their skin.

But did you know that these things we are not even aware of when we do send others certain massages? Here we will read about these habits, the massages they send, and the reason behind them.

1- Some people bite their nails absent mindedly. Biting nails is often perceived as a sign of being stressed out and frustrated. It is like as if occupying yourself with your nails is a way of soothing yourself and keeping your frustration in check. This is the massage people perceive while the reason for biting nails may simply be that you need to make them look clean and trimmed.

2- Scratching your skin (on your face or arms) is another habit done absent mindedly by many people. People perceive this habit as a sign of being uncomfortable, which means that the one who does it is acting suspicious or hiding something. The reason may simply be that the change in the season is making your skin dry and itchy.

3- Licking lips is another habit done absentmindedly when you are thirsty or dehydrated, or when you need to moisturize your lips in a dry season. However, it is perceived differently according to the context and the situation at hand. It can be a sign of anxiety and tension, or a sensual invitation.

What you do with these habits, their meaning, and the massages they send is up to you. You can try to break these habits to make sure no one gets the wrong massage, or you can try to exploit these massages to your benefit.

Habits Done Absentmindedly That May Send the Wrong Massage about You

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