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3 Cartoon Characters You Should Not Let Your Kids Watch

The time when kids watch Cartoon Characters is probably the happiest time in their parents’ day. They are in involved in a harmless activity before your eyes giving you few moment – or hours – of piece, or that is what it used to be. Many Cartoon Characters and animes today carry multiple negative massages and deliver them to your kids, as we shall see in the article.

1- Angelo Rules is a slice of life cartoon about a hip clever boy who thinks for different solutions for the problems that face him in his everyday life, or that is what it seems to be in the surface description of this cartoon.

The kid, Angelo, uses whatever means possible to get or do what he wants and gets away with almost everything. He resorts to stealing, deceiving, bribery and even extortion sometimes, and an excessive amount of lying even if it was to his parents and siblings. The disturbing real massage this cartoon sends to the unwary viewers is that you could go to any length and do anything right or wrong to get what you want.

2- Adventure Time with Finn and Jake is another cartoon you would not want your children to watch. Besides the excessive violence in almost every episode (there is literally vivid hacking and slashing and they get swallowed by monsters to gut them from the inside out), there are other issues no kid should be subjected to, like Satanism and demon possession and many other similarly disturbing issues.

3- There are a whole bunch of cartoons you should never let kids, or even teenagers (in my book they should not be even aired at all). These Cartoon Characters target adult viewers, but some people think that if it is cartoon then it is children-safe.

Among which the worst are The Simpsons, Family Guy and American Dad. These shows are full to the brim with sexual innuendo, taboo insults, and violent and criminal behaviors. No one, much less kids, should watch these shows ever.

Cartoons You Should Not Let Your Kids Watch

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