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3 of the best mixtures of Henna for hair

Henna is characterized by many aesthetic benefits, especially for the hair. It has been used by ancient Egyptians and nowadays it is used by Arab people at their weddings and happy occasions. In this article, there are some mixtures of Henna that can be used for dying hair and taking care of it.

*Henna and eggs:
Use a mixture of henna with eggs to feed the hair, lengthen it, strengthen it and to prevent hair loss. Mix them well and use the mixture directly to cover your hair with it from the roots to the ends.

Leave it for 3 hours and after that wash it with lukewarm until the mixture falls from the hair. Then, wash your hair as usual with shampoo and conditioner. For best results use this recipe for four consecutive weeks.

*Henna and yoghurt:
It is one of the best mixtures of henna as it works to strengthen the hair, strengthening it and treating hair damage and embrittlment. Mix half a cup of henna with a cup of yoghurt and a cup of warm water.

Use this mixture directly and leave it for 3 hours on your hair. Then, wash your hair with warm water. You can repeat this process once in a week to get better results.

*Henna and honey
Mixing henna with honey helps to strengthen the hair and soften it. Add three tablespoons of honey to a cup of water. Mix them well and leave the mixture for an hour. Then, put the mixture on your hair and leave it for six hours before washing it.

best mixtures of Henna for hair

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