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The 3 Awful Habits That Ruin Your Hair and How to Break Them

Taking care of your hair means a lot more than washing and moisturizing it regularly. It also means much more than just eating right and avoiding hair-products abuse. In this article we well tell you bout some of the habits you usually do unconsciously that can really damage your hair and you will learn how to beak them.

1- We see it often everywhere: people playing with their hair, tugging at it, running their hands through it a dozen times an our, twirling it around their fingers, or even go as far as to put it in their mouth (eew!). All of these things are among what people do to relive stress and they damage their hair. These habits cause knots and split ends. There are plenty of other things you can do to relive stress like doodling, playing a game on your cell phone, or even doing some exercises.

2- I do not know who came up with the idea of tying hair with the same rubber bands you use for sealing garbage bags! They are awful and unsightly. Moreover, they tear your hair and pull it so hard that it is uprooted from your scalp. Get rid of all the rubber bands you have and get some soft and beautiful fabric covered bands.

3- I find it strange that people make a habit of going through the hassle of blow drying their hair after washing it. And as if the damage the blown air does to the hair is not enough, they top it off with heat.

Avoid using blow dryers, and hot air drying setting in your blow dryer as much as possible. If you need to use it, protect your hair from the damage by moisturizing it properly before you start drying it.

Researches have proved that the people who broke these awful hair-destroying habits noticed a significant improvement in the health of their hair and how it looks.

Habits That Ruin Your Hair and How to Break Them

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