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Here are 3 some awesome hidden secrets from fit girls revealed!

How do these skinny girls stay fit all the time? Don’t they eat? We all admire how these healthy,

fit girls stay in good shape all the time and could go out and eat some ice cream and still maintain their amazing looking body! Here are some tips for fit girls.

1. A little yet often is better than nothing.

You do not need to knock yourself out with a long, long workout. exercising in smaller sessions is quite as powerful. It’s easier to fit in with your everyday schedule and you won’t be so annoying or tiring either.

2. Fit girls know the results.

If weight loss is your aim, then weigh yourself weekly or if running a marathon is your goal, then measure the miles you are running. Whatever your goal is, keep a record of your improvement, so if you ever become discouraged, you could look back and recognize how far you have come now for a little lift to your decision.

3. Healthy girls keep it fun.

Fitness doesn’t have to be a burden, it should be pleasant. Choose exercises that you find easy and fun or make it a friendly event by joining a club and do not forget to give yourself a post-exercise treat too, you’ve earned it!

4. Do it for yourself!

becoming fit is a goal you achieve for yourself. It is not because you must do it for somebody else, it’s for yourself! If the advantages that fitness will get you are for you individually, you will become much more motivated and your need to succeed will become more urgent.

hidden secrets from fit girls revealed

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