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10 useful ways to use nail polish

Are you a fan of Nail polish? Do you have tons of it? Or Do you hate it and it is not your thing? Well, love or hate you will not debate its use after reading this:

1. Put a stop to a stockings run
We have all been there, it is a universal struggle. Now we can put an end to it by applying some nail polish right under the run. You will love it!

2. Cover up scratches
Scartches on any surface tend to waste its aesthetic value, but not any more. Use your nail polish to cover up scratches on any surface, from shoes and boots to wood and plastic. The choices are nearly endless in colours.

3. Color-fading jewellery
Ordinary jewellery tend to be affected by the alcohol in body deodorants, body chemicals, water and event sweat. To prevent the colour of your jewellery from fading away, apply a layer of transparent nail polish on them before first use. You will be amazed!

4. Change your jewellery!
Do you get bored easily? Want to feel like you are always wearing something new and do not have the money for it? Good. Our technique does not involve spending your money on new jewellery. Change the colour of your jewellery by apply some new nail polish colour. Feel new and fresh!

5. Needle threading was never easier!
If you always had trouble threading a needle, now we tell you it has never been easier. Dip the tip of the thread in some nail polish, it will make it easier to thread a needle faster.

6. New bobby pins
Make your bobby pins more colourful by adding some nail polish on them. However, be careful you do not want to get any nail polish on the lower side of the bobby pins. Having nail polish on this side will transfer the colour to your hair.

7. Keys
Another smart way to use nail polish is to paint the upper part of your keys. It will make it easier to recognise them specially if you have a lot of keys.

8. Envelopes
A transparent nail polish can be used to seal envelopes as well. Use it where it used to stick and it will be effective and clean.

9. Paint the soles of your shoes
It is trendy right now to have colourful shoes’ soles. Try it with nail polish but remember to contain the nail polish by placing some tape around the soles.

10. Organise your nail polish
If you have lots of nail polish colours, paint the top of each one. This will make it easy to recognise each color without picking every one and putting it back.

10 useful ways to use nail polish

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