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10 Surprising Ways to Enhance Heart Health

Cardiovascular problems are some of the deadliest conditions found on the face of the planet nowadays. Preventing heart problems and enhancing heart health is not just restricted to eating a healthy diet and having a moderate exercise every now and then, you will find here ten surprising ways to do so. Get to know them and let your heart beat happily.

1. Stop Eating Meat

You don’t have to go completely vegetarian, but you can designate a day of the week to go meatless on it.

2. Put a Ring on It

Married couples have healthy hearts. Studies show that women after ten years of marriage show a decreased risk of cardiovascular diseases up to 13%.

3. Cuddle

Cuddling someone you love releases the hormone oxytocin which aids in the reduction of blood pressure.

4. Get Just Enough Sleep

Not getting sufficient sleep raises risk for heart disease by 48% and oversleeping raises it by 38%. Hence, stick to sleeping the recommended seven to eight hours per night.

5. Laugh

Loosening up and giggling expands blood vessels up to 22% which decreases blood pressure and increases blood flow.

6. Stay Away from Traffic

Every 10 decibels exposure to highway traffic raises your heart attack risk by 12%.

7. Eat Chocolate

The antioxidants and nutrients found in cocoa help the body’s immune system to resist damage. Choose darker chocolates as they have more cocoa and less fats.

8. Get off That Chair

Sitting during the majority of the day whether at the office or at home, while using the computer or watching TV, raises heart disease risk radically. Hence, get off the chair/couch and walk around every now and then for the sack of your heart.

9. Take in Caffeine

If you suffer from an abnormal heart rate, regulate your heart rhythm with the help of one to three cups of coffee a day.

10. Get a Pet

Pet owners are more physically active than those who don’t own pets. Therefore, they tend to have lower blood pressure and a lower heart disease risk.

 Enhance Heart Health

10 Surprising Ways to Enhance Heart Health

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