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10 Incredible Benefits of Apple

The popular quote says, “An apple a day, keeps the doctor away.” However, this quote doesn’t state which doctor exactly does the apple help keep away. Apples whether red, green, yellow or any other eye-catching color have several incredible health benefits that will make you stay away from clinics as much as possible. Over here, you will find just ten of these benefits:

10. Helps Weight Loss

Healthy diets should include fruits in order to provide necessary nutrients. That is not the only reason that would encourage you to eat apples while dieting; studies show that women who ate three apples a day dropped more pounds than those who refrained from eating fruit.

9. Protects Bones

Apples contain a flavanoid called phoridzin and a substance called boron which work together for bone health. The former protects the bones of post-menopausal women from osteoporosis while the latter make bones stronger and increases their density.

8. Blood Sugar Control

Eating apples may aid in managing diabetes as the pectin in apples provides the body with galacturonic acid which reduces the need of insulin.

7. Relieving Asthma

Although apple juice might not eliminate asthma as a whole, a study shows that children who drank it every day breathed more comfortably than those who drank it once a month. Moreover, a different study shows that women who ingested lots of apples while being pregnant gave birth to children with lower asthma rates.

6. Preventing Liver Cancer

When rats were given an extract from apple skins, they exhibited a lower risk of liver cancer up to 57%.

5. Protection from Alzheimer’s

One of the causes of Alzheimer’s disease is the attack of free radicals on brain cells. Fortunately, protection from free radical damage may be attained with the help of quercetin in apples.

4. Preventing Colon Cancer

As in the study with liver cancer, apple skin extracts helped rats show a 43% less chance of colon cancer. Pectin in apples sustains a healthy digestive tract and decreases the risk of colon cancer as another study shows.

3. Decreasing Cholesterol

High cholesterol levels lead to several bad health conditions. Pectin in apples decreases LDL cholesterol. Eating two apples per day can reduce cholesterol levels up to 16%.

2. Preventing Breast Cancer

Studies found that eating apples can reduce breast cancer risk significantly to a risk decrease as big as 44%.

1. Preventing Lung Cancer

The rich amounts of the flavonoids quercetin and naringin found in apples can reduce the risk of having lung cancer to the half.

Benefits of Apple

10 Incredible Benefits of Apple

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