10 Executable Steps for a Healthier You in 2015

New Year resolutions are taken seriously by some, ridiculed by others and mostly unattainable by many. Whether you wish to lose weight, quit smoking, start exercising or adopt any other step towards your health, you must set accomplishable goals.

Health must be on top of the New Year’s resolutions list, if we want to live to see other years comfortably and happily. Hence, have a look at the following executable steps that you can take to really become healthier in 2015 and not just wish you had behaved differently.

10. Surround Yourself with Good Company .

Birds of a feather flock together. If you want to change your “feathers” then choose the friends who encourage you to do so. Stay away from heavy smokers, alcoholics or friends who love to eat junk food at least until you get rid of these habits. Instead, surround yourself with those who appreciate the changes you want to make and provide good influence.

9. Learn from Success Stories .

Setting unrealistic goals is usually caused by doing a plan by oneself without benefiting from the experience of others. By reading about success stories of someone who quit a bad habit or accomplished a great goal, you can set a clearer plan.

8. Eliminate Triggers of Bad Habits .

If you have unhealthy snacks lying all over the house, then you are only inviting yourself to eat them. Replace them with fruits, vegetables and green tea. A bad habit is usually triggered by boredom, so make yourself busy by getting involved in a simple activity like reading.

7. Have Patience .

Nothing worth having comes easy. Good results come with time and excellent results come with a lot of hard work. Remember to start with your getting healthy plan as soon as possible because the older you become, the slower you will get results.

6. Don’t Starve Yourself .

Binge eating is mostly a result of an attempt to go through a period of time with eating nothing. A healthier approach towards diet would include taking a little snack between meals to stay full. However, remember to keep that snack a healthy one like a cup of yogurt or some unsalted nuts.

5. Use Every Chance to Move .

Imagine the amount of gadgets that will show up in 2015 to make our lives “easier”. Make relying on technology a chance to move. For instance, keep the cell phone charger away from the place you sit so you have to walk a distance to it. Change the TV channels without a remote control. Make jogging a part of your family outing.

4. Little Things Matter .

Remember to keep yourself hydrated because the moment you feel thirsty means that there is something wrong. Drinking enough water keeps you full, detoxifies your body and provides you with radiant skin. Moreover, try your best to sleep no less than 7 hours in order to face the hardships of life fully recharged.

3. Find Someone to Join You to Your Goal .

Having someone wanting to reach the same goal has lots of benefits. First of all, you will hold each other accountable for every step on the way. Secondly, you will be able to celebrate your accomplishments together. Your good habit mate can be a family member, a friend or even someone from a support group as long as he/she is determined.

2. Don’t Send Yourself on a Guilt Trip .

Occasions like a best friend birthday or a family gathering at a holiday may cause you to overeat or drink too much. If that happens, leave what happened and move on your plan without being too hard on yourself. Slipping on occasion is not the end of the world.

1. You Made Here, You Need to Cheer .

Appreciate every little step you take on the journey to a better you. Just reading this article means that you are considering the matter. Take a look at everyday achievements no matter how little they are, and celebrate them.

10 Executable Steps for a Healthier You in 2015

10 Executable Steps for a Healthier You in 2015


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