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10 Effective Ways to Slim Down with No Diets

Losing a few pounds doesn’t require extreme measures. In fact, if you go on an extreme diet, you are bound to gain the pounds you lost right after you stop dieting. Some diets are even dangerous as they lack vital nutrients. In order to slim down safely and comfortably, follow the next ten tips:

10. Keep Your Eyes on the Goal.

One of the reasons you might want to lose weight for is to wear the awesome jeans you bought a little time ago yet no longer fits. Those same jeans can be your motivation to become fit. Hence, keep them where you can constantly see them.

9. Eat Less Meat.

Studies reveal that vegetarians are generally slimmer than meat eaters. The reason for this is that meat eaters usually miss the rich amount of fibers available in vegetarian meals that include legumes. It won’t hurt to replace some meaty meals with vegetarian ones for the sack of feeling full easily and so no gaining weight.

8. Stretch Your Sleep Time.

Wasting precious night time in front of the television encourages snacking on fattening substances and gaining calories that will probably be stored as you will sleep right after. Replace habit by sleeping an extra hour that will keep you comfortable and prevent you from having a monstrous appetite next morning.

7. Change the Way You Set the Table.

Reducing the dish size is a great trick to make you eat less as it will give you the illusion that you ate a full dish. However, don’t just reduce the dish sizes on the table, you have to bring the dishes full from the kitchen to the dining table and leave the serving dishes in order not to refill.

6. Have a Minty Gum.

After you take your main meal, many inviting snacks wait for you during daily activities. Make these snacks less inviting by chewing a sugar free strong mint gum. The gum will keep your mouth busy and ruin the taste of anything you want to eat after it.

5. Eat Slowly .

Enjoy your meals by designating 20 minutes per meals using a timer. Eating slowly will satisfy your senses and give your body the time it requires to deliver the fact that you are full to your brain. On the other hand, when you rush down food, fullness hormones will not be activated in time until you’ve bitten more than you can burn.

4. Choose the Correct Seasonings and Sauces .

Delicious flavor can be attained with simple touches that have no or low calories. Use spices and lemon over your salad instead of dressings that are filled with fat. Even when you want to enjoy a dish of pasta, go for red sauce instead of white sauce as the former is with both fewer calories and less fat.

3. Dish up a Variety of Vegetables .

Provided three vegetables with dinner instead of just one kind will encourage you to have a larger portion of vegetables. Vegetables are recommended for those who wish to slim down as they are rich with fiber and water. This content will fill you up in a healthy manner.

2. Select Whole Grains .

Whole grain products are other food substances that are rich with satisfying fibers. Moreover, whole grains regulate cholesterol levels. Fortunately, with increasing awareness, you will have all kinds of whole grain products, even in pizza dough.

1. Reward Progress .

When you change one aspect in your lifestyle like removing an unhealthy snack from your diet for a week, reward yourself by doing something you like. For instance, go to the movies, go shopping, or even have simple dessert when establishing a great goal.

Slim Down with No Diets

10 Effective Ways to Slim Down with No Diets

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