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10 Comforting Methods to Defy Stress Quickly

A stressful life style takes its toll on your health. Hence, you need to take every chance to unwind and relax. Since you won’t always have the money or the time to frequently visit resorts or spas, you will find a lot of comfort in the following methods to defy stress. The amazing thing about them is that they would take you just a few minutes to accomplish.

10. Deep Breathing

Close your eyes, sit straight, place a hand on your belly then breathe in slowly. Feel the air filling your abdomen and reaching the top of your head. Reverse by exhaling through your mouth and keep repeating the process for about 5 minutes. This process comforts you by reducing your blood pressure and slowing your heart rate.

9. Show Gratitude

When stressed out, we sometimes need to be reminded of the great things we have in life. That is why it would be helpful to keep a gratitude journal and whenever you are faced with a good situation or remember something you are blessed with, write it down.
Stuff you could write are various like getting a call from a friend, accomplishing a hard task or listening to your favorite song on the radio. Then read what you recorded whenever you feel stressed out. Being thankful reduces stress as it eliminates negative thoughts.

8. Meditate Daily

Meditation is an easy way to raise the brain’s neural pathways resistance against stress. Don’t allow any thoughts to distract you. All you have to do is sit straight up with feet on the floor, shut your eyes, place a hand on your belly then say a positive mantra like “I feel at peace” in sync with your breaths.

7. Exercise

Moving around releases feel-good chemicals in your body which helps you resist stress, anxiety and depression. No rigorous exercise is required here, practicing yoga, walking or going up and down stairs for several minutes would be enough.

6. Feel Your Surroundings

Stop for a couple of minutes and concentrate on one of your senses. For instance, savor the taste and texture of every bite you eat. Enjoy the smell of a flower or a perfume. Such practices will make you more relaxed.

5. Listen to Music and Sing

You can put music into two uses to release stress. First one includes listening to soothing music in order to slow heart rate, reduce blood pressure and lower anxiety. The second one includes choosing upbeat tunes and singing loudly along with them in order to get rid of pent up energy or strong emotion.

4. Interact Socially

Speak about what is stressing you out with a friend or family member. They might give you a fresh point of view or a solution to a problem you have. Just having people around is a relief in itself.

3. Laugh

Laughter decreases cortisol, a stress hormone, and increases endrophins, brain chemicals with improves the mood. A good ol’ LOL will also ease mental burdens. So be around funny friends, watch a stand-up comedy act, or enjoy your favorite sitcom to fight off stress.

2. Know How Stress Affects Your Body

Lie at your back and scan your body mentally from your toes to your scalp to notice tight or loose places. Next, visualize each deep breath reaching to these places for a couple of minutes. Focus on your sensations while repeating this process.

1. Eat Well

Don’t rely on vending machines to answer your hunger. Prepare your proper healthy food before going to school or work. Fruits, vegetables and omega-3 filled fish are all good for your brain health. Avoid fatty fast food as much as possible.

Comforting Methods to Defy Stress Quickly

10 Comforting Methods to Defy Stress Quickly

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