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10 Behaviors that Help in Fighting Depression

The death of Robin Williams is an eye-opener that explains that no matter how successful one gets or no matter how many people he made smile, he himself might suffer from depression. Read through the article to know how to fight depression or help a loved one fight this potentially dangerous condition.
Depression doesn’t discriminate between the rich and the poor, the famous and the unknown, or someone surrounded with family and someone living alone. Individuals who suffer from depression do not seem to see any hope in the future and their condition may go unnoticed and unresolved until they find refuge in suicide.

10. Confront the Past

Regardless of how many achievements one accomplishes, if we don’t confront our past pains they’ll keep haunting us. Changing the past is out of our hands; nonetheless, we are very capable of changing our way of dealing with what happened before to avoid its negative influence on our current lives.

9. Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT)

Depression is often linked to cognitive distortions that can be solved with Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) that helps in challenging irrational thoughts. An irrational way of thinking is categorizing one’s self as a loser; this thought can be replaced with a truer statement like “I’m not satisfied with myself.” This way self-talk becomes healthier and eliminates hopelessness. Learning effective CBT is possible from resources such as books as well as therapists.

8. Difficulties Don’t Define Us

Life is not offered on a golden platter for anyone. Adversities whether in career life, health or relationships are bound to happen. However, they mustn’t define us and we must rather face them as challenges in our lives that help us develop.

7. Speak Up!

Isolating yourself with your dark thoughts may amplify problems. On the other hand, speaking up in a support group or communicating with positive people will help you gain a healthier view of things. Avoiding negative individuals is a must.

6. Revive Hope

A depression mindset believes that there is no way out of current dilemmas. Therefore, depressed individuals may resort to suicide to end their problems once and for all. An advice to those who might attempt suicide, rather than doing this, give yourself time to write down the positive and hopeful things that occur or might occur in life. Give yourself the time because you deserve it.

5. Seeking Help is a Courageous Act

Going to see a therapist about depression does not make us weak people. The first step to help ourselves out of the tunnel of depression is admitting that we need help. There are many life skills that a therapists can provide you with to fight depression and defy unhealthy thinking and behaving.

4. Have Realistic Expectations

Depressed individuals concentrate on their failures excessively that they forget their successes. Setting unrealistic expectations of themselves and not achieving them makes them feel worthless. Realizing that humans are not perfect is important and helpful.

3. Set Sensible Schedules

Achieving a huge task by breaking it into manageable pieces gives us a feeling of accomplishment that enhances our moods. This can be done by scheduling the tasks of the day and activities that you like to pick up and doing them in little steps to see miracles happen.

2. Improve Your Life Style

Taking care of our health has a great influence on depression. For instance, regular exercise makes the body release endorphins and give us a sense of control over our bodies. Eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and avoiding excess sugar and fat also enhances our moods.

1. Forgive Yourself

Guilt can have its toll on one’s psych if not handled correctly. Beating ourselves over mistakes is not going to make anything better. We just ought to learn from our regrets and use them to face similar future situations.

Behaviors that Help in Fighting Depression

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