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Top 10 Entangling Hair Facts

If you ever watched a show including forensic investigation, you already know that a hair in a crime scene is very informative. That is because hair tells a lot about humans like their ethnic origin and life style habits like smoking, drinking or taking medications. One thing science still cannot determine from a hair strand is the gender of its owner. If this information doesn’t interest enough, check the following entangling list.

10. Red Vs Black

In a competition for the most number of people with a certain color, black hair wins. On the other hand, the rarest hair color on Earth is red. Red heads comprise only 1% of Earth’s population with the greatest percentage in Scotland.

9. Melanesians and Blonde Hair

Caucasians aren’t the only ones with blonde hair. Surprisingly, Melanesians in New Guinea and some Pacific islands exhibit blond hair. The genetic reason for blond hair in Melanesians is entirely different from that in Caucasians. Therefore, blue eyes are not witnessed in Melanesian blonds. Another characteristic of Melanesian hair is that it is curly.

8. The Origin of Shampoo

Almost everyone lucky to have some hair on their heads use shampoo. But have you ever wondered about its origin? Well, shampoo is derived from the Hindi “champna” which means rub or massage.

7. Heart Disease and Baldness

Men deal with baldness in different ways like shaving, wearing wigs and implanting hair. Unfortunately, cosmetic dilemmas are not the only problems bald men must deal with. A medical study shows that men with top of the head baldness are at a higher risk of dealing with heart disease. However, a receding hair line is not associated with heart disease.

6. Hair Growth

Hair is the fastest growing tissue after the bone marrow in the human body. In fact, beard hair grow a nanometer as soon as a man raises the razor off his face. The rate of hair growth is 0.3 to 0.5 mm per day. Warm weather stimulates faster hair growth. However, African hair grows slower than European hair. Asian hair growth is probably the fastest and is with the greatest elasticity.

5. Facial Hair

People differ on their admiration of beards. In case you are a fan of letting your facial hair grow freely, then you are protecting your face from 2/3 UV radiation that others are exposed to; thus, you are reducing the risk of skin cancer. Since beard growth is related to testosterone levels, anticipation of intercourse increases hair growth.

4. Hair Strength

Have you ever doubted the ability of Rapunzel’s hair to hold the weight of the prince? If so, what would you say if you are told that human hair can support the weight of two whole elephants? One hair strand is capable of carrying 100 grams and multiply that amount with about 150,000 hair strands and you will get a massive weight.

3. Primitive Ways of Hair Dying

Changing hair color might be fun, but dying hair in the old days wasn’t a very fun procedure. Women in Ancient Rome used pigeon dung to dye their hair blonde and during the Renaissance in Venice, they used horse urine for the same purpose.

2. Trichotillomania

Some people suffer from an insisting desire to pull out their hair and are diagnosed with a disorder called Trichotillomania, TTM. Some sufferers of the condition actually eat their hair after pulling it out and this causes them several intestinal problems.

1. Hair Mites in the Strangest Place

Head lice is a popular condition that many people suffer from. Another frequent condition is the existence of tiny, wormlike mites in eyelash follicles. These little creatures feed on wastes such as sebum and so might prove beneficial.

Top 10 Entangling Hair Facts

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