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Top Ten Most Effective Home Remedies For Hair Fall


Most of us are suffering from hair fall everywhere in the world , men or women and even children are suffering from this problem indeed it is estimated that around 40% of the total world’s population are suffering from hair fall and that is caused by many reasons including bad diet , weather circumstances , genetic factors and many other reasons , there are a lot of products in the market that is said to fix this problem but unfortunately these products contain a lot of chemicals that can cause even more damage to the hair , there is nothing better than going back to the nature to deeply nourish the hair and moisturize it in order to get rid of this problem , below we have prepared for you a list of the Top Ten Most Effective Home Remedies For Hair Fall .

10- Egg Whites .

Egg whites provide your hair with the needed amount of protein that is needed to make your hair long and healthy which limit the hair falling problem , apply raw egg whites directly to your scalp before shower twice a week and then wash your hair properly with shampoo and hair conditioner and you are sure to notice a difference within a few months .

9- Onion Juice Massage.

The onion is considered a very effective treatment for most of the hair problems as it has a high content of sulfur which improve the blood circulation thus feed your hair better , onion juice is also a great inflammatory treatment and work on killing any bacteria or parasites that can be feeding of your hair .


8- Olive Oil.

Olive oil work on relaxing and moisturizing your scalp it also work on improving the blood circulation to let more blood flow to your hair follicles which reduce the problem of hair falling , you should massage your scalp daily with olive oil before the shower .

7- Lemon Juice Massage.

Lemon juice massage is great for your hair as it do miracles in terms of getting rid of dandruff which open your pores and let your hair get the benefit of the great antioxidant, antibacterial, and exfoliating lemon juice, make sure to massage your scalp with lemon juice and make sure to leave it for at least 15 minutes to dry .

6- Crushed Almonds With Amla Oil.

Applying a mixture of crushed almonds with amla oil on your hair at least twice a week for over night will surely surprise you of great results and you will notice a significant decrease in the hair fall .

5- Fenugreek .

This seed is highly effective in terms of treating many hair problems including hair fall as they contain antioxidants and hormone antecedents that assures the healthy growth for the hair , soak one cup of the fenugreek seeds in water over night crush them into a paste in the morning and apply the paste on your hair for over night and then wash properly .

4- Aloe Vera Gel .

Aloe very is great for skin and hair , you can get it natural if you are growing the plant at home or you can get the gel that is available in pharmacies and massage your scalp with it before you go to bed twice a week for 6 weeks and you will notice a remarkable effect .

3- Licorice herb .

This herb is very effective for your hair as it sooth the scalp open the pores , get rid of dandruff and prevent gray hair , add the crushed herb mixed with olive oil on your hair and scalp not less than twice a week to get maximum benefit .

2- Honey Massage .

Honey is great for skin and hair and it leave a remarkable after effect , massage your hair and scalp with honey and leave it for 20 minutes and then wash with your favorite shampoo , you can mix the honey with egg white for extra benefit .

1- Lavender Oil .

Lavender oil is a great antioxidant , antifungal and antiseptic and that is why it is very effective to treat hair loss , it also work on relaxing the scalp , getting rid of dandruff and assures a healthy growth for your hair .

Top Ten Most Effective Home Remedies For Hair

Top Ten Most Effective Home Remedies For Hair Fall  Top Ten Most Effective Home Remedies For Hair Fall  Top Ten Most Effective Home Remedies For Hair Fall  Top Ten Most Effective Home Remedies For Hair Fall  Top Ten Most Effective Home Remedies For Hair Fall  Top Ten Most Effective Home Remedies For Hair Fall

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