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Yoga for Weight loss, does it Work

Yoga for Weight loss, does it Work?

The answer is yes, yoga helps in losing weight, but not all yoga exercises helps in losing weight. There are two types of yoga exercises, the first depends on changing your mind and your way of thinking and let’s call it simple yoga and the other type is called power yoga which helps in losing weight mentally and physically, but …

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Miraculous Benefits of Yoga

The Top 7 Miraculous Benefits of Yoga

Yoga has many great benefits and these benefits cannot be achieved from a single session but they become clear gradually after several sessions. These are the 7 most important benefits of practicing yoga. 1. Increases flexibility Improved flexibility is the first clear benefit to practice yoga. During the first sessions, you probably will not be able to touch your toes …

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Advantages of Practicing Yoga

Amazing Advantages of Practicing Yoga

Yoga is becoming more and more popular all over the world for the amazing benefits it has. The practice of yoga is not restricted for those who aim for spiritual meditation or who seek to perform a religious act. In fact, yoga can give a wonderful positive impact on the health of those who practice its asanas, yoga poses. Breathing …

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