Tuesday , October 17 2017

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Tips for Losing Weight at Work

Great Tips for Losing Weight at Work

Most people gain weight when they don’t pay enough attention to their eating habits a lifestyle. That, happens when you pay too much attention to your work at the expense of your lifestyle. However, you can make work, the thing that is making you fat, the same tool for losing weight with the following tips: 1- Drink lots of water. …

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Lunch Drowsiness At Work

What To Do When You Get Post Lunch Drowsiness At Work

It is common that after eating lunch at all o even at ho!E to tag feeling a little drowsy, while it is best to take a short power nap for twenty to thirty minute to recharge our energies, it is not always possible specially if you are at work, therefore it is important to learn how to sustain our afternoon …

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