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natural alternatives for toothpaste

Some natural alternatives for toothpaste

Of course, all of us can’t do without using toothpaste for cleaning our teeth. However, commercial brands of toothpaste contain some ingredients that are dangerous for health like fluoride and glycerin. Here are some natural alternatives for toothpaste which will help you clean your teeth without the harming effects on your health. 1. Baking soda: It is included in some toothpaste and is usually used in homemade recipes for cleaning the teeth. You can use it simply by dipping your toothbrush directly into some of it. Or you can mix it with some water and use the solution for cleaning your teeth. 2. Sea salt: It has been used widely as an alternative for toothpaste. It works to kill the …

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Life Hacks You Can Do with Your Toothpaste

7 Great Life Hacks You Can Do with Your Toothpaste

Toothpaste is very important. It makes your teeth stronger, cleaner and whiter and…That is just about it. Or this is what most people think, that a tooth paste cannot do much besides improving your dental health. However, did you know that there are many other wonderful things you can do with toothpaste? Such as: 1- If your kids are in the habit of hanging posters of every emerging idol, then teach them to use toothpaste to hang them. Instead of making a sieve of your poor wall with pushpins, or using tape that will leave unsightly residue and marks later, tooth paste is quick and easy to use and clean. 2- Ever checked the pastes and products used to clean …

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uses of toothpaste you can't imagine

10 uses of toothpaste you can’t imagine

Toothpaste is the primary product to clean and improve the appearance of the teeth as well as maintains their health. There are several other uses for toothpaste. I experienced most of them and saw amazing results. Here are 10 uses of toothpaste you can’t imagine: 1. to remove stains on clothes: to remove all kinds of stains on clothes as ink or lipstick. Put a little toothpaste on the spot, rub it and then wash it. 2. To remove scratches on the disc and the DVD: If the disc stopped working, you can remove it, put toothpaste on scratches, rub it and then clean it. 3. To clean a diamond ring: put a little toothpaste on the toothbrush .the ring …

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Unexpected Uses Of Toothpaste

Five Unexpected Uses Of Toothpaste

Did you know that your regular toothpaste has many other uses than just cleaning your teeth? Well I didn’t know that either, let us discover below a few Surprising Uses of toothpaste so read on. 1- Get Rid Of Hands Odor : After dealing with garlic, onion and fish one of the best ways to get rid of the unpleasant odor in your hands is by rubbing your hands for two minutes with a minty toothpaste then wash it off, you will be fascinated from the fresh smell in your hands afterwards. 2- Remove Stains : Toothpaste can effectively remove many types of stains specially off of carpets, curtains and clothes, just add a smear of paste on the stain …

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