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Technology Can Destroy Your Life

5 Ways in Which Technology Can Destroy Your Life

The world we are living in now largely depends on technology. It is no wonder since technology helps us do many things in much less time and with much less efforts compared to what used to be. However, technology managed to create other complications. It is not uncommon now to find relations destroyed and houses wrecked because of technology. I will set here a few examples of how technology can destroy our life: 1- Having spouses or children spending too much time glued to a screen playing video games is an alarming sign. Many statistics about breakups and family problems have shown that reasons for the problem is that the spouses or the kids are spending more and more time …

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Disadvantages of Technology You Should Be Aware of

The 4 Top Disadvantages of Technology You Should Be Aware of

In this time and age, technology plays a major role no matter where you look. You use technology by using computers to conduct your work. You also use it by using mobile phones, computers and internet to call your relatives and friends. And we even use it by using cars to get almost anywhere. However, technology has many disadvantages, some of which will be mentioned here. 1- Technology makes people fat. You use machines to go anywhere and do anything. As a result, you no longer walk or shop yourself. You don’t even wash your plates by hands. And with lack of movement and exercise, you gain pounds. 2- Technology makes people really dependent on it. Let’s say you are …

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Health Hazards of Using Technology

10 Shocking Health Hazards of Using Technology

Technology has taken over our lives to the degree that some of us can’t live a day without spending half of it or more using technology and its gadgets. The fact that technology is becoming more user-friendly than ever; no one would be surprised to see toddlers using it all the time. Our constant contact with technology exposes us to terrible health hazards as you will read on. 10. Cell Phone Allergies One expects naturally existing factors like certain foods, pollen and animal fur to be the main reasons of allergies but cell phones can cause allergic reactions too. A facial allergic reaction like dermatitis can appear because of facial contact with cell phones. You can prevent this problem be …

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