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Hot Coffee Or Tea Can Put You At a Higher Risk of Cancer

Your Hot Coffee Or Tea Can Put You At a Higher Risk of Cancer

Are you a fan of extra pipping hot tea or coffee? A tongue burn is not only the side effect for shipping super-hot drinks. In a recent research published by the International Agency for Research On Cancer, sipping on super-hot drinks like tea or coffee can actually increase your risk of cancer could you imagine? Here’s the whole story: a …

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How To Lose Weight With Lemon Tea

How To Lose Weight With Lemon Tea

Lemon tea is a tasty and healthful beverage with very low calories, almost only two calories per cup, so it is an ideal drink for dieters and those planning to lose weight. Both Lemon and tea contain a potential ability to help you slim down, green tea for example is very effective in enhancing your metabolism and in return speeding …

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turmeric tea on an empty stomach every day

This is why you should have turmeric tea on an empty stomach every day

Turmeric is originally an Eastern spice that carries a tasty punch and nutritious healing benefits. The health advantages of turmeric are well known yet most of us aren’t aware that we can significantly increase our bodies’ overall health by drinking a cup of turmeric tea in the morning. The active component responsible for turmeric’s wondrous properties is substance named curcumin …

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Drink Cumin Tea Everyday

Why You Should Drink Cumin Tea Everyday

Cumin is a spice that is used in many popular dishes around the world, it is charechtarized by its small size, stingy flavor and strong smell, beside adding a wonderful and very noticeable flavor to any dish, cumin also provide a big range of health benefits and can even be used as an effective home remedies to treat different diseases, …

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Facts You Didn’t Know About Tea

Awesome Facts You Didn’t Know About Tea

Everybody knows that tea is amazingly great for you. It can stabilize your hormones, manage your blood sugar levels, and help you sleep peacefully at night. Did you know that tea is the 2nd most common drink worldwide while the drink that takes first place is water? Here are some amazing fun facts about tea. 1. Iced tea was created …

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Uses for Tea

Surprising Uses for Tea

The world now is raving about tea and its benefits. It is energizing, it cleans your teeth, protects you with its antioxidants from several diseases. However, we will not talk here about the benefits of tea for your body since you know all about them by now. We will talk about surprising uses for tea other than drinking. 1- You …

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Beauty Benefits Of Tea Tree Oil

Three Beauty Benefits Of Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil was originated in Australia, people before used to use it mainly to treat cuts, wounds and avoid skin infections, however soon later people around the world discovered the other many benefits and uses of tea tree oil, some of the significant uses of tea tree oil recently fall in the beauty category, that is why it is …

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