Tuesday , January 23 2018


Habits Successful People Don’t Have

Usual Habits Successful People Don’t Have

Successful people have many habits that help them succeed, such as waking up and turning in early, learning new things all the time, reading (they make it a habit, not a hobby), not admitting defeat, admitting mistakes, patience and many others. However, they also avoid habits that hinder success and productivity, such as: 1- They say no when they need to. Maybe we were taught by our parents and seniors that it is not polite to refuse helping others. However, this means trying to hold something in your lab when your hands are already full. Successful people say no when they know they can’t handle extra tasks. 2- Doing many things at the same time (multitasking). This habit might seem …

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Phrases That Doesn’t Cross the Minds of Successful people

4 Phrases That Doesn’t Cross the Minds of Successful people

What is it to be successful? It is when you fall face down countless times until you are used to the taste of dirt, but you get up anyway and try again till you get to the top. It is one of the harshest yet sweetest journeys ever and only successful people know what this journey feels like. And in this journey, not once do the following thoughts cross their minds. 1- “I hate/loath/detest my work”. You can’t be successful at anything you hate. The two things completely contradict each other. It is when you love something that you succeed at it, because you will think how to improve it and perfect it. 2- “I am unlucky”, “the world is …

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In this world, there are two types of people: those who believe things happen to them and those who can make things happen. The first type is convinced that the outcome of their careers and lives lies in their own hands, while the second type is pretty much like those who wait for the bus to take them somewhere. Studies have shown that people who are confident in their abilities and feel they can control the events in their lives end up doing better on almost every measure of work performance. Such “Empowered” individuals do the following: give better customer service, sell more than other employee, adjust better to new assignments and take much more annual income. According to the …

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