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Reasons Stay Away Soda Like A Disease

Four Reasons To Stay Away From Soda Like A Disease

1- Soda Is Addictive. Soda contain caffiene which as we all know is a nerve stimulant, it temporarily gives you an energy boost, too much of caffiene can lead to high blood pressure and difficulties falling asleep at night, the substance is also Addictive, when you stop or reduce your consumption of it suddenly you should notice negative mood shifts, …

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Facts you do not Know About Soda

10 Amazing Facts you do not Know About Soda

10. Cocacola Visiting the nearest hyper market to you, you will find amazing numbers of soda beverages that you have never tried before. They might be actually in hundreds. Cocacola alone has more than 3,500 different drinks in its production arsenal. If it came to you to try one new coke beverage everyday, it will take you about nine years …

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