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Things You Should Be Careful About When Choosing Jewelry

4 Things You Should Be Careful About When Choosing Jewelry

All women love to have some “bling-bling” on their ears, arms, wrists and necks from time to time. And although all women have varied principles on choosing these accessories, all of them can make mistakes that could be costly. It is granted that humans learn from their mistakes, but jewelry mistakes can cost you so much that it is better to learn from others’ experience, and you will find this experience right here in this article. 1- One of the things you should avoid as a grownup woman when choosing jewelry is icons and pictures of cartoon characters. You know, all these things with their flashy colors, cartoonish butterfly and the Minnie mouse bow ribbons. It will look good on …

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Reasons why you shouldn't drink cola

Reasons why you shouldn’t drink cola

1-Each can of Coca-Cola contain the equivalent of 10 teaspoons of sugar which is sufficient to destroy vitamin B. The deficiency of vitamin B leads to poor digestion, poor infrastructure, neurological disorders, headaches, insomnia, depression and muscle spasms. 2-It contains carbon dioxide, which leads to prevent the stomach of important salivary yeasts in the process of digestion and that when ingested with food or after it and leads to the abolition of the role of the digestive enzymes produced by the stomach and thus to obstruct the process of digestion. 3-It contains caffeine, which leads to increased heart rate, high blood pressure, diabetes, increased infection acidity and increases the hormones in the blood. 4-It contains phosphorous acids which lead to …

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