Monday , January 22 2018

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Next time you want to stifle a sneeze, you better reconsider as it could be harmful to you. Holding in a sneeze could damage your eardrums or cause ear infection, especially if it is a very violent sneeze. It is best to get that discharge out of your body. Stifling a sneeze could push infected mucus into the middle ear, which causes middle ear infections. Sneezing means there is an irritant that your body wants to prevent its reach to your lungs or sinuses, and this indicates it is a protective reflex. Doctors advise to let your body do its thing; just cover your nose and mouth. Through sneezing, your body tries to get rid of the intruder. A blocked …

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Safe And Chemical-Free Methods To Get Rid Of Ants Quickly

Three Safe And Chemical-Free Methods To Get Rid Of Ants Quickly

Once the weather starts getting warm, many people around the world start noticing ants invading their houses and garden, ants can cause damage to your property, bite you or your children or even cause damage to your plants, thus it is important to get rid of them immediately, unfortunately trying to get rid of ants can be quit frustrating and need patience, the harmful chemicals in pesticides are proven to be harmful for human and specially children, so if you want to get rid of ants by a natural way, we brought you this article that contain a few effective ways to get rid of ants using natural ingredients that carry no harm for you, your pets or your children, …

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