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Dry drowning or secondary drowning are terms used to describe what happens when a kid is rescued from drowning and he seems to be fine but hours later he gets into a serious trouble. As a matter of fact, though dry drowning and secondary drowning are used interchangeably, but they are not the same. In dry drowning, the amount of water inhaled causes a spasm in the airway leading to its close up and it happens soon after getting out of the water. In secondary drowning, the inhaled water causes swelling and inflammation in the lungs, and it happens later taking many hours before the person shows its signs. A 10- year old boy from South Carolina dies an hour …

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Prevent Type 2 Diabetes With These Foods If You Are At Risk

Prevent Type 2 Diabetes With These Foods If You Are At Risk

We are not exaggerating when we say that constant high levels of blood sugar can be a serious matter of life or death, persistent high blood sugar levels can be very damaging for essential body organs such as kidneys, liver and heart, it can also lead to sudden heart attacks, strokes nerve damage and blindness, therefore controlling your blood sugar is crucial. Fortunately there are many natural ways that can help you keep your blood sugar under control, the following we have compiled to you aa list of the most potent blood sugar lowering foods to indulge in so read on. 1- Blueberries. Blueberries come on the top of the list, a study that was made by the Journal of …

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Energy Boosting Snacks To Prevent The Afternoon Slump

Three Energy Boosting Snacks To Prevent The Afternoon Slump

Going through the afternoon slump is not easy, you are completely tired yet you still need to push through the day, while having a sugary drink, a cup of coffee or a canned food snack may push yoiur system for a while, they are just setting you for weight gain and a crash short after, so the ideal option is to have a snack rich in protein and fiber, protein will keep your brain cells alert and focus while the fiber takes time to digest making you feel full and having energy for longer times, the following are just a few suggestions for the best afternoon snacks to boost your energy and prevent the afternoon slump so read on. 1- …

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Ways to Prevent Motion Sickness Before It Happens

6 Ways to Prevent Motion Sickness Before It Happens

Motion sickness during long trips by cars, planes, or boats is caused due to the incoherence between what your eyes see and what your vestibular and somato-sensory systems feel. It’s like you’re not moving… but you are. As a result, you may experience symptoms such as dizziness, nausea, vomiting, and more. These symptoms may easily be downgraded by medication; however, fortunately there are ways to avoid them from the start. 6. Check Your Diet : During your trip, it’s important to avoid over eating or drinking and to stay away from alcohol. Avoid foods that gave you bad past experiences, high fat food, spices and heavy odor foods. 5. Use Ginger : Consuming at least a gram of ginger half …

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Foods To Prevent Inflammation In Your Body

Three Super Foods To Prevent Inflammation In Your Body

Inflammation is a part of the natural immune response of the body to wounds or burns, however sometimes inflammation gets chronic or acute, in such a case the inflammation can last for months or years or for life time even, it is always a combined with sever pain that can affect our daily life quality, other symptoms to inflammation include joints pain, joints stiffness, loss of joint function, swelling and redness, inflammations is often reconsidered the rout for many dangerous and chronic health problems like cancer and heart diseases, below are some examples of foods you can eat everyday to reduce inflammation in your body. 1- Salmon. Wild Caught Fish like salmon, mackerel and tuna are perfect sources of omega-3 …

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Tips To Prevent Bladder Infection

Important Tips To Prevent Bladder Infection

Bladder infection or also known as cystitis is a common condition among women and men, however women in general are more likely to catch bladder infection than men, bladder infection occurs when harmful bacteria travels up the urinary tract towards the bladder and cause infection, women have shorter urinary tract than men which makes them more prone to this infection, some factors that may increase your risk of catching bladder infection include Aging, weak immune system, urinary catheter, surgeries performed in the urinary tract previously, urinary tract abnormalities, pregnancy or diabetes. Some of the symptoms of bladder infection include cloudy urine, blood in urine, frequent urges to urine, burning sensation while urinating, pressure in the pelvic area, etc. Fortunately with …

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Best Tips To Prevent Theft

Eight Best Tips To Prevent Theft

Do you worry from theft? Are you living in an isolated area? Or you travel alot and stay away from the house? If you want to prevent house theft there are certain tips you must follow in order to reduce the risk of house theft to the minimum, below are some helpful tips, read on. 1- Get Sliding Doors And Windows More Secure. It is an attractive and easy way for burglars to break into the house by simply just Sliding the door or the window of its frame, new slide doors and windows are generally safer than old ones, however to ensure maximum safety, slide a strong rod or steel bar into the back chamber of the window, this …

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