Friday , October 20 2017

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Wonderful Reasons to Visit Theme Parks

6 Wonderful Reasons to Visit Theme Parks More Often

Theme parks offer a lot of entertainment to people of all ages and they help families and friends have fun while gathered together. Entertainment is not the only thing theme parks offer; you can enjoy a lot of health benefits while enjoying your favorite rides. Whether you prefer the roller coaster or the Ferris wheel, you will find many advantages …

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Cruising in Huangpu River Top Places in Shanghai

Top Places in Shanghai – Cruising in Huangpu River – Museums and Parks

Seekers of an adventure that combines oriental and western flavor would adore a visit to Asia’s Shanghai. The city is a cosmopolitan treasure privileged by being placed on a fabulous water front and by having interesting culture. Hanging out in Shanghai is very facilitated as transportation includes everything from taxis to Shanghai Maglev Train, a high-speed magnetic levitation train. Shopping …

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