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Things You Didn’t Know About Menstruation

Most women know that menstruation is usually every 28 days, more or less, and they use sanitary pads during this period, which lasts from 3-6 days. Most menstruating women suffer from some ups and downs in their mood in this period of time die to some biological changes that depend on many aspects of the physical and emotional health. PMS …

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Menstruation Problems You Shouldn't Ignore

Menstruation Problems You Shouldn’t Ignore

The menstruation period is a confusing time of the month for most women, a woman’s body passes by hormonal fluctuations during this time of the month that causes several symptoms like pains, bloating and mood swings, while some symptoms are normal and nothing to worry about, other symptoms may indicate and under laying disease that you should investigate, here is …

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Normal Menstruation Symptoms You Shouldn't Worry About

Normal Menstruation Symptoms You Shouldn’t Worry About

During menstruation, there are fluctuation and quick drops and raises in hormones as well as constant contractions from the uterus to shed its lining, which all together cause several symptoms like cramps, mood swings, etc. Some symptoms are perfectly normal and most women experience during mestruation however other symptoms may not be normal, below are listed the perfectly normal symptoms …

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Factors Disturb Menstruation

10 Factors That Disturb Your Menstruation

Having menstruation is a tiring issue on its own, so how about having an irregular menstrual cycle? Menstrual cycle irregularities like getting heavy periods, missing periods or spotting between periods have several reasons. A regular cycle lasts from 28-31 days from the beginning of a period to the beginning of the next one. Minor deviations are negligible but extreme cases …

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