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Meditation Can Change Your Life

12 Ways in Which Meditation Can Change Your Life

First of all, what exactly is meditation? I, for one, call it the science of disconnecting. And this happens when you relax yourself in whatever posture you want and try to not to think of anything. Just “disconnect” from the world around you and forget all your worries, duties, likes, dislikes etc. for a certain period of time. It can truly change your life in so many ways, including: 1- It improves your self-restraint when it comes to consuming alcohol. In other words, you will feel less likely that you want to “get acquainted with the bottle”. 2- It enhances some functions of your brain such as making decisions and processing information. 3- It was found to be very potent …

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Meditation has seen us through several life changes and tough times, keeping us grounded and sane; hence we cannot imagine life without meditation. Life is challenging all the time, and only when our minds are focused and clear we can make the best decisions. Meditation can help you deal with the chaos and madness occurring daily; perhaps it is what it takes to be a really sane person. It shifts our priorities, finds answers to our questions and enables us to make friends with ourselves. Every time you say something stupid, make a mistake, every time you think of someone that bothers you and you are about to put yourself down, breathe gently and repeat silently “May I be happy …

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Ten Minutes Of Meditation A Day

Seven Ways Ten Minutes Of Meditation A Day Can Be if it You

Although meditation could sound quit boring for you, but once you experience all the benefits only ten minutes of meditation a day could do you, you surely will make sure to include it in your daily schedule. Many recent studies conducted that meditation has too many benefits to our bodies, minds and spirits, beside the fact that meditation is a great technique to get rid of stress, ten minutes of meditation a day can help you improve your attitude and in result improve all your life aspects, read on to find out how ten minutes of meditation a day can be if it you. 1- It Improves Your Relationships. Only ten minutes of meditation a day can improve your relationships …

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