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husband after marriage

4 things you will discover about your husband after marriage

After marriage, men and women move from the life of celibacy and independence to new life system of marriage and responsibility. Apart from the changes in their lives, both of them discover some characteristics and habits they did not know before about the other partner. Find out with us all about the things that women discover about their husbands after …

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Things You Are Doing That Are Destroying Your Marriage

4 Things You Are Doing That Are Destroying Your Marriage

Have you ever wondered why some beautiful, educated, kind women can’t seem to keep their husbands and manage to push them away instead destroying their marriages in the process? However, people noticed that these women tend to say and do things that can get on others’ nerves. It is not a big problem for strangers and acquaintances who will not …

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As we all live busy lives, most of us do not have time to do everything we need to do. We habitually take many things for granted in our marriages because we have a history and we always come back together. We assume that our spouses already know our feelings for them, but they actually need to hear certain things …

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signs of successful marriage

Top 4 signs of successful marriage

Each marital relationship has successful marriage keys, but not all husbands and wives are able to discover the secrets of successful marriage in their lives, and the kind of relationship which can lead to the happiness they look forward to. When it comes to finding “The One”, you need to look hard for the following 4 signs of successful marriage. …

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benefits of marriage on women's health and beauty

The benefits of marriage on women’s health and beauty

There are many benefits of marriage according to marital relations experts. It eases the psychological pressure and nervousness, thanks to the body’s secretion of the hormone of happiness, through sexual intimacy which is greater than the stress hormone and anxiety. Marriage has countless benefits in the areas of health and beauty as follows: 1- health benefits The marriage helps to …

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Things You Must Know About Him Before Marriage

Seven Important Things You Must Know About Him Before Marriage

You must make sure to know everything about your boyfriend before you tend tend to marry, his likes and his dislikes, his family, his habits, his previous life, his ambitions and everything, but most importantly the following things, read on and to know what you should know about your boyfriend before marriage. 1- His Previous Relationships. One of the most …

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