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Natural Laxatives

10 Effective Natural Laxatives

Constipation can be very irritating and painful and using laxatives may be the only solution. But what happens when medication is out of reach? Nature becomes generous with its natural remedies discussed below. It’s important, however, to avoid dairy products, processed foods and red meat as they worsen constipation. 1. Leafy Greens Leafy greens like spinach and kale softens stool …

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Laxatives - Everything You Need to Know about Laxatives

Laxatives – Everything You Need to Know about Laxatives

Factors like an unbalanced diet that lacks fluid and fiber, pregnancy, stress and travel all contribute to constipation. When you face a difficulty in emptying your bowel contents and poop less than three times a week, you know that you are constipated and thus start seeking laxatives to solve your dilemma. Before making your pick, check out the next information …

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