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Haunted Places in India Bhangarh

Haunted Places in India – Bhangarh and Shimla-Kalka Railway Line

Whether you believe in the existence of ghosts or not, ghost stories have always been intriguing for lots of us. In case you long to experience the spookiness of a ghost story, a visit to one of India’s supposedly haunted places will surely send a chill down your spine. Even if you weren’t easy to scare, the haunted places of India prove to be amusing for those fond of adventure. Read on and be cautious if you have a weak heart! Bhangarh : There is a reason behind the haunting of each place and the haunting of Bhangarh has one of two reasons. The most popular story suggests that a tantrik wizard cursed the town because he failed to seduce …

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Golden Temple Attractive Temples in India

Attractive Temples in India – Somnath Temple, Sun Temple and Golden Temple

The diversity of religions in India and dedication of the believers led to the generation of charming temples all over India. Indian temples include Hindu, Buddhist and Jain temples each of which has its special design and charm. Tourism in India is never complete without visiting a couple of the magnificent temples there. Read on to get to know more info about the most attractive temples in India and know where to head to in your vacation. Somnath Temple Somnath temple in Gujarat is supposedly the oldest Hindu temple in India. The temple, magnificently facing the sea, was built to honor Lord Shiva and is the Shiva’s first of twelve Jyotirlingas, shrines of worship. When walking around the Somnath Temple, …

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