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Pumpkin is Good For Your Heart, Fertility, Eye Health and More

Pumpkin is Good For Your Heart, Fertility, Eye Health and More.

Eating fruits and vegetables of all types is just good for your health, most types of fruits and vegetables have been associated with a significant reduction rate of life-style relation health issues. Several studies proved that eating plenty of plant foods like pumpkin decreases the risk of obesity, cancer, heart diseases, asthma and vision problems. Eating pumpkins also helps in …

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Awful Things You Do that Damage Your Heart

5 Awful Things You Do that Damage Your Heart

The number of heart disease sufferers is increasing as we speak. Some people are more prone to cardiovascular problems because of their family history of the disease. However, everyone can preserve the health of their good old blood pump if they tackle the following health problems and adjust their life style: 1. Being Overweight Carrying extra weight around increases your …

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Red Meat Can Increase Your Risk Of Heart Diseases

Why Eating Red Meat Can Increase Your Risk Of Heart Diseases

It was just recently proven that eating saturated fats don’t necessarily increase the risk of heart diseases and we all were joyous to find out these news, however unfortunately, eating red meat is still considered a risk factor for heart diseases. A new study made by Cleveland Clinic shows why your guts bacteria turns to L-carnitine which is a nutrient …

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Walnuts Support Heart Brain Weight Loss Process

Walnuts Support Your Heart, Brain, Your Weight Loss Process And More

When you look at a walnut what does it remind you of? Yes the human brain, well wants don’t only look like the human brain but they are also scientifically proven provide a huge support for the human brain, not just your brain, walnuts can also improve your mood significantly, they contain the highest levels of omega-3 Fatty Acids in …

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Enhance Heart Health

10 Surprising Ways to Enhance Heart Health

Cardiovascular problems are some of the deadliest conditions found on the face of the planet nowadays. Preventing heart problems and enhancing heart health is not just restricted to eating a healthy diet and having a moderate exercise every now and then, you will find here ten surprising ways to do so. Get to know them and let your heart beat …

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Women And Heart Diseases

Seven Misconceptions About Women And Heart Diseases

Do you realize your risks of developing heart diseases? Perhaps you should consider starting to get acknowledged about your heart diseases risks specially if you have one or more risk factors that may lead to developing heart diseases such as obesity , hypertension , diabetes , inactive lifestyle , high cholesterol levels or smoking , get to know how you …

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Signs On Heart Attacks

7 Warning Signs On Heart Attacks

A heart attack occurs when the blood is not flowing enough to the heart which makes its muscles weak and injured as a result of lake of oxygen supply .Studies that were made by the American Heart Association conducted that almost every 34 seconds someone gets a heart attack in the united states , most of the cases survive it …

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