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A Flat Stomach With This Fruit Salad ASAP

Get A Flat Stomach With This Fruit Salad ASAP

From summer holidays, cookouts, friends gathering and seasonal fruit drinks, you may be feeling quit puffy by now, but the good news is that, you can completely fight that annoying bloating sensation with this super fruit salad that is all made up of ingredients that were proven to de-bloat your tummy and give you that marvelous flat stomach again, you …

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Health Benefits of Dragon Fruit

5 Amazing Health Benefits of Dragon Fruit

Dragons are legendary creatures known for their extraordinary powers. Although dragon fruits don’t share the legendary factor with dragons, they are powerful in terms of the health benefits they provide. Dragon fruits probably get their names by being covered with colorful scales. Beneath those attractive scales, lies the sweet tasting pulp that is either yellow or white and have the …

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