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Most emotional eaters are powerless over food craving; when cravings hit, it is all what they can think about. You feel strong tension that demands eating at the moment. Because you have tried to resist it before and failed, you think that you do not have enough willpower, but the truth is you have more power than you think. Emotional …

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Actually, we do not always eat because we are hungry; we also resort to food for stress relief and comfort, but unluckily emotional eating does not solve emotional problems. Usually, it makes you feel worse, as you feel guilty for overeating while the original emotional issue remains. To recognize emotional eating triggers is the first step to liberation from compulsive …

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Cheap Weight Loss Foods Eating

Cheap Weight Loss Foods You Are Not Eating

When you decide to lose weight the first thing you tend to do is head right to the grocery shop and fill up your kitchen with expensive foods that you think can help you lose weight, while organic kale, quinoa and cold pressed juices can help you lose weight yes, they will definitely break your budget, there are many other …

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Wonderful Health Benefits of Eating Corn

4 Wonderful Health Benefits of Eating Corn

Corn always sounds perfect in the cold winter. It’s an amazing healthy vegetable high in diverse nutrients. Corn farming first began in Native America and was then passed to Europe. Nowadays, the US is the major producer of corn. Have a better view on the health benefits of eating corn: Helps Weight Loss Corn is significantly low in calories. For …

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Disadvantages Of Eating Fast Food

Four Disadvantages Of Eating Fast Food

There are many disadvantages of fast food or also known as junk food, although it could be just a quick way for you to take a bite and save time cooking, it can do you alot more harm than benefit, eating fast food every once in a while won’t harm though but try to limit it as much as possible, …

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Love Eating Fish Check Out the Best Fish Choices

Love Eating Fish? Check Out the Best Fish Choices

There are two important things to add into consideration when you pick your fish: your health and the environment. Omega-3 fats, EPA and DHA, found generally in fish, are essentials in our diets; however, other toxins may also be found. Additionally, we have to be alert about the progressively decreasing population of many fish species. Industrial fishing and fishing deep …

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How to Bring Emotional Eating to an End

How to Bring Emotional Eating to an End

When hunger is not the only factor that drives you to eat, and you are driven by your emotions towards eating, you are faced with a problem. Emotional eating is one of the leading causes of gaining weight; especially because emotional food is usually composed of junk food filled with sugar and lipids. It is possible to stop this health …

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