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Garlic To Treat Diseases

Uses Of Garlic To Treat Diseases

Garlic is an excellent natural medical product, it has demonstrated in the treatment of several diseases and ailments throughout the ages, propaply most prominent are throat infections, lowering cholesterol levels, flue attacks, regulating blood pressure, and blood sugar levels. -Garlic Therapeutic Functions. 1- Natural Antibiotic 2. tonic for sweating 3. lowers blood pressure 4. reduces blood clot 5. helps diabetics …

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Diseases Doctors Fail to Diagnose Sometimes

4 Diseases Doctors Fail to Diagnose Sometimes

I always feel very bad for people that doctors misdiagnose their diseases. It is not just that they waste a lot of time and money with the tests, but they also get medicines that could really worsen their cases and cause them further pain and suffering. This is why we need to know about the diseases doctors fail to diagnose. …

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Types Of Diseases Caused By Obesity

5 Types Of Diseases Caused By Obesity

Being obese is a dangerous thing. It just shows ignorance and lack of care about a person’s choice of food and amount exercise. Obesity is a clinical condition and is considered by many a public health problem. If you are overweight, the probabilities of developing heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure increase significantly. Here are the top 6 obesity-related …

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Red Meat Can Increase Your Risk Of Heart Diseases

Why Eating Red Meat Can Increase Your Risk Of Heart Diseases

It was just recently proven that eating saturated fats don’t necessarily increase the risk of heart diseases and we all were joyous to find out these news, however unfortunately, eating red meat is still considered a risk factor for heart diseases. A new study made by Cleveland Clinic shows why your guts bacteria turns to L-carnitine which is a nutrient …

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Indicators To Gum Diseases

Six Indicators To Gum Diseases

Maintain your gums health is essential in order to have a good dental health, your gums play a crucial role in maintaining your teeth strong and healthy, it is the gums that hold the teeth firmly so any problem with the gums will highly likely affect the teeth as well, that is why your dentist will always recommend you to …

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Women And Heart Diseases

Seven Misconceptions About Women And Heart Diseases

Do you realize your risks of developing heart diseases? Perhaps you should consider starting to get acknowledged about your heart diseases risks specially if you have one or more risk factors that may lead to developing heart diseases such as obesity , hypertension , diabetes , inactive lifestyle , high cholesterol levels or smoking , get to know how you …

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